Mega Stick for Lowrey Grand Marquee


Mega USB Series for the Lowrey Grand Marquee


The Grand Marquee Mega Series USB

is not only the most magnificent collection of the greatest orchestral accompaniments from The Imperial, The Sterling, The Patriot,The Liberty, The Marquee, and it also features the greatest and most requested orchestral accompaniments of Lowrey’s grandest top of the line instrument ever; The Grand Marquee. The Grand Marquee Mega USB also features over 2650 custom edited voices to give you the most authentic and thrilling preset/ set- up sounds imaginable. Every preset/ set-up has been professionally sound balanced exclusively for the HD speakers and custom enclosure of the Lowrey Grand Marquee for optimum tonal excellence. In addition there are hundreds of all new outstanding Harmony presets/set-ups for the lower keyboard.
The Grand Marquee Mega USB is a Lowrey player’s dream come true!