Eddie Baxter

Eddie Baxter
Eddie Baxter was a master musician. I first met Eddie in the mid 1960s when he was a concert artist for Lowrey. Later he became a District Salesman for Lowrey and I traveled with Eddie as an artist several times a year till he retired on June 1,1985.

In the early 1940s Eddie was playing piano with the Frankie Masters Orchestra. It was during this time he met one of the female vocalists Miss Martha Baldwin, nicknamed Marty. She was an extremely talented musician in her own right. Eddie and Marty were married in 1946.

After serving in The Army Air Force Eddie became the pianist with the Glen Gray Casa Loma Big Band. Eddie and Marty decided to settle down in California. Eddie’s knowledge of orchestral arranging made the introduction to the organ pure pleasure for Eddie. Eddie became a staff organist for the NBC Hollywood studios. It was now that Lowrey entered the picture and the instrumental voicing were so outstanding Eddie bought and mastered his orchestral styling on a Lowrey Festival Console Organ.

Eddie recorded for on of the greatest music composers, arrangers, and conductors… The world renowned Henry Mancini. Eddie also still recorded for Frankie Masters. I heard Eddie perform several of his greatest recordings. What a thrill it was to see and hear Eddie play Quiet Village and Mr. Lucky.

Eddie recorded 15 record albums and Hal Leonard Publications create a ‘Pro’ book of arrangements that is a true collectors item.

What a blessing it was to perform duets with Eddie. Both of our big band backgrounds created musical magic when we performed together. We thought alike and we both left “spots” to add the fill-ins that embellished the arrangement.

In 1979 Lowrey introduced their first virtual orchestra The MX-1. The instrument of the future featured the most accurate instrumental sounds in the history of the organ industry. The introductions, fills, voicing, endings and fabulous drum accompaniments made the audience reaction beyond belief. They went wild with their applause!!

Eddie and Marty often performed together and were the only husband and wife organ duo since Jesse Crawford and his wife played theatre organ concerts.

Eddie made it possible that whenever I had special concert appearances in the Hollywood area there was always a Lowrey there. He was a wonderful gentleman and dear friend. It was Eddie who made it possible to have a Lowrey whenever I played at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for many of their celebrity hand and footprint ceremonies .

My life has so blessed by the wonderfully talented people I’ve known. May God Bless Eddie and Marty Baxter.