Our song this month is a classic Charlie Chaplin song, Smile.

The month of May has several concerts and Keyboard University Music Styling seminars. Sharing the gifts of music has been such a great blessing in my life.

My life has been blessed in so many ways. I had the great honor of sharing the stage with so many unbelievably talented musicians and performers. In the organ world as a young teenager I first performed, in many cases, walk- in music before the headliner star played. Before the year was over I now was their guest performer. Some of those stars were Ethel Smith, Eddie Layton, Mildred Alexander, Porter Heaps, Rosa Rio and Lenny Dee. All of those great musicians shared many of their styling secrets with me so when we played duets I knew the best way to accompany them. Those were the days before the Lowrey Organs.

I first met Lenny Dee in 1957 and we became lifelong friends. One of my many blessings were the many concerts and shows we did. Here is Lenny and Denny together! 

Two absolutely wonderfully talented stars of Lowrey and the home organ industry are Mr. Bil Curry and Mr. Paul Shaub. Both Bil and Paul have the fabulous gift of performing good clean comedy! One time when we were together in Las Vegas we posed for a Three Stooges picture and here it is.

Paul Shaub and I loved the comedy routines of Abbott and Costello and years ago we started doing several of their routines and Who’s On First can be seen here and Paul and I hope you really enjoy it!! There are some other pictures of Paul at the studio of one of his many video production performances. ( Video! ) Bil Curry is the true genius of Lowrey. He has created more orchestrations, presets and exclusive features than anyone else. Bil is a super wonderful giving person and so is Paul Shaub and I’m truly blessed having Bil and Paul as friends.

One of my favorite Bil Curry routines is entitled Guitarzan and its here for you to enjoy!

Magic has been a hobby of mine since my early teens.

Another wonderful friend of mine is Rob Labby who is a master magician and a Hollywood Legend W.C. Fields impersonator. On one of my DVD stage shows he appeared as W.C. Fields along with a Marilyn Monroe and impersonator. Great Memories!!! Our song of the month is Smile. A very nice song written by Charlie Chaplin. Try Strings (General preset 4with AOC or Block Harmony ) Play the melody one octave higher than written. Once you have selected the tempo you might want to try different big band and orchestral accompaniments. This song works for so many styles it’s an absolutely wonderful performance song.


My best to you always,




Rob Labby