Happy New Year everyone!!

I wish you all a very happy loving healthy New Year. I’m praying that the vaccine booster shots helps to restore a more normal way of living for all of us.

I am so pleased to share with you that Keyboard University has truly given so much joy and musical accomplishment to all those that participated. I especially want all those that sent messages to me thanking me for Keyboard University and I am so happy for you that have taken your musical hobby to its next level!!!!!

Starting this February there are two new programs that will begin. The first is I will now make available private lessons for everyone who wants their musical dreams and wishes come true. Learn not only all the styling techniques you want but the easist way to learn them plus even more importantly how to apply your new musical styling techniques to the songs you play and the songs you want to play!!

The private lessons will use the Zoom technology. If you never used Zoom I will walk you through the program and it is truly a very easy program and a very effective program. The lessons are $50.00 each and are 30minutes in length.

The second announcement is all the Keyboard University lessons will be available on DVDs starting in February. This way you can easily repeat any part you want for super retention and you have the lesson forever! You can order any one lesson you want or you can order lessons in groups of three at a super discount prices. A complete single DVD lesson is $50.00. The 3 lesson special is $99.00.

Keyboard University will continue to be a blessing to all those who really want to sound wonderful and in the shortest and easiest way possible!! Check this out next month!!

Click here to order a DVD. To reserve a private lesson time call my wife Ginny at 407-810-8443

. Lessons start in February.

Temporarily we are replacing our song of the month with Creating great sounding registrations.

Click here to request an answer on sound registrations for a specific song. Let me know the model name of your instrument along with your question and you will receive an answer from me. Knowing the exact model instrument you own lets me give you an exact answer.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year. I truly am looking forward to sharing a lot of what I have learned in all my performance years in my private lessons and DVDs.

I’ve added a new section in our moments to remember and I hope you enjoy it.



Moments To Remember
Jackie Gleason

There are many stories about Jackie Gleason and Music. Jackie Gleason could play the organ and in his home he had a magnificent theater organ. If you watch the Glenn Miller movie Orchestra Wives you’ll see Jackie Gleason playing the string bass in the orchestra . Jackie conducted his Orchestra and recorded top selling records.

My cousin Florence was one of the Gleason models on his show. ( picture – from nostalgia theatre TV shows. This is the picture that shows Jackie Gleason and a group of girls and one is my cousin Florence.)

One of Jackies TV characters was Joe The Bartender. His co-star in those sketches was Frank Fontaine playing a character named Crazy Guggenheim. They were a great comedy team together. Frank Fontaine was also a fantastic singer and made many appearances singing on television.

The timing is now the 1970’s. The place is Waterloo, Iowa. I was to appear at the huge summer fair for the local Lowrey Dealer Wayne Marth. Before the fair started I had a concert at the Martin Hotel on a Saturday night and the night before I was a special guest with Wayne Marth’s Dixieland band. His band was great and a sellout show. Frank Fontaine was in the audience. He was scheduled for his show on Saturday and Saturday afternoon was his rehearsal. Frank arrived on Friday and came to the show. No one knew he was in the audience.

During the Friday night Dixieland show Wayne Marth featured me playing the stylings of the Big Bands. Everything went fine. When the show was over Frank Fontaine introduced himself to me and invited me to perform in his show. To say I was thrilled would be a great understatement. I played several solos and then I accompanied him as he sang several songs. We were a hit. I had my show Sunday and I invited Frank to sing and do his comedy sketch as Crazy Guggenheim. It truly was a blast and we had a huge standing ovation. I truly treasure the memories of my time with Frank Fontaine.

All of that fabulous experience was possible because I was helping to promote Lowrey Organs.


For your Christmas holidays I’ve included 3 special Christmas music videos. I made two Christmas DVDs in my lifetime.

The first one was called An Awesome Christmas. It was a full theater showcase performance with some very famous guest stars in a beautiful Christmas setting. All of the special guest organists performed on the Lowrey Imperial Console organ.



The second video was entitled Home For The Holidays. The second video totally starred the music and the joy of the Christmas season and features over 1000 beautiful Christmas scenes.

This DVD is perfect to play during dinner or when guests are at your house or to truly celebrate the meanings of Christmas. The first video features of music and pictures of ‘I’ll be home for Christmas.’ The second video showcases two Christmas hymns. The third one is Santa Claus is Coming To Town. I truly hope you will enjoy all of the Christmas videos. If you want to order the full length DVDs just touch the click here after the Santa Claus Is Coming to Town and they will be shipped with the two/three priority mail service for fast delivery.

If you are new to my site and have a Lowrey organ with an USB capability I have a Christmas Mega USB and a matching special EZ play notation Christmas arrangement book that has 23 full Christmas arrangements with over 200 custom created Christmas presets Plus 10 All New Christmas Orchestral Orchestral Accompaniments!!! Plus it’s on sale at a discount price. 

Your Christmas songs are A Christmas Cantata Of Angels featuring Angels From The Realms of Glory and Angels We Have Heard On High plus Silver Bells.

The suggestions for orchestral accompaniment for the Christmas Cantata of Angels is Tabernacle Choir at tempo 80 or Church Organ also at tempo 80. You can also try Baroque at tempo 96.

For Silver Bells try Lullaby at Tempo 90. You may want to try Silver Bells with the Vibes for the Melody.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Holiday season and a healthy new year!