Greetings everyone,

I’m sorry I’m a little late this month but I have been traveling with Keyboard University and to say it has been a thrill would be an understatement. What is so amazing is that there’s a lot of very easy styling that sounds absolutely magnificent that can be learned in minutes and truly take your playing to the next level. I hope I get to visit all of the Lowrey stores with this very special program.

—-Very special news —There will be special announcements and music that will be sent to everyone who sends me their email address especially if there is a very special music arrangement or announcement that I don’t want anybody to miss ! My only guarantee would be to send it to you on your computer as I do get a lot of comments asking for old monthly lessons for people that forgot to look at my monthly website. So please let me know your Email as this might be a good solution!!

This month our special song is The Days of Wine and Roses . Click here for lesson


All my best,