Welcome everyone!
Summer is now officially here and I hope you all enjoy it and play some of the most loved summer songs. This month we have a medley and a solo arrangement in our mini lesson section. The medley is a  Summer song medley that has appeared here before. The solo song is the theme from Dark Shadows. “Quinton’s Theme.”

I have a super special medley arrangement of Bing Crosby and Bob Hope’s most popular songs. Thanks For The Memories , Blue Skies, White Christmas, Swinging On A Star, Buttons And Bows and Side-By-Side. For my summer special this Hollywood 6 song arrangement plus a custom USB that has all styles,tempo,edited sounds for this medley plus 2 Full Length DVDs. The first DVD is Bob Hope and Bing Crosby’s “The Road To Bali.” Lots of great songs and music! The only Road picture in color and is regarded as the best of all the Road pictures .The second picture is another fabulous classic -“My Favorite Brunette” starring Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Lon Chaney, Peter Lorre and Reginald Denny. Without question one of Bob Hope’s best films. Everything for $44.95!!  Retail value $55.95  Don’t miss out! It’s great and it’s a steal. Click here!

This summer most of my travels will be bringing Keyboard university to a host of Lowrey dealers. For new visitors to my website, Keyboard University is a two day education program design for all level of players that will show you how you can sound totally professionally without having to learn scales, use difficult chords or study complicated playing techniques. It really is great for everyone who attends and everyone can achieve their dream of sounding great. It’s like magic, once you know the secret of the trick it’s a piece a cake!
Keyboard University lessons 4,5,&6 will be shipped July 3rd. They are a WOW. Click Here to purchase
Lesson 4 will concentrate on Country music and you will learn country chord substitutions, country chord additions and the country finger slide and what a great styling these will add. Everything is written out and it’s easy but sounds so professional.
Lesson 5 teaches you how to really add swing styling to your music with swing introductions written out in all the most popular keys and easy swing ad lid Solos also written out in the most played keys. Also included are two famous Glenn Miller hit arrangements.
Lesson 6 is a blast! One of the styling tricks of professional organists is two-handed double glissando and you can learn this trick in seconds. You will also learn echo fills on both keyboards. You will receive a totally professional arrangement that utilizes great sounding and great looking glissando and echo fills that will totally impress not only you but everyone who hears and sees you play! Also included is another arrangement featuring single finger octave glissandos that will show you how to always end on the right glissando note!
All the songs and playing techniques have been recorded on an enclosed USB. A super benefit is watching all the playing on your keyboard screen. It’s a win win. If you want to order one click here. Lessons 1,2,&3 are also still available.
Now for our monthly music. Click here to go directly to the lesson page. The Summertime Medley and Quinton’s Theme from Dark Shadows.
The Summertime Medley is a play as written medley. Just select a tempo that’s comfortable for you.
Our solo song, Quinton’s Theme The orchestral style is Guitars in 3/4 and the tempo is 98. My favorite sounds to play are 1 -the strings with Block or 5 Part Harmony -2- the whistle which is sound # 273-Whistlers.
If you like to edit sound and want the whistle sound very close to the movie version press the edit name on your musical display screen and your Vibrato delay is 48, the Vibrato rate is 53, the Vibrato depth is 52 and the sustain is 55.
I use the whistle on the first chorus and then the strings on the 2nd chorus when we change keys.
Depending upon the organ you have you might need to adjust the octave by selecting a different octave . Look for Upper Octave/Solo Octave in the Harmony section and adjust to what sounds good to you OR select any sound you like.
I wish everyone the best I look forward to seeing everyone. Sincerely, Dennis