Greetings everyone,
Last month I had the extreme pleasure of hosting Keyboard University in Louisville, Kentucky and Anderson, Indiana. There are so many dedicated music hobbyists at our Keyboard university seminars that can now take their hobby to a professional level without learning new chords , scales or intricate timing. It is absolutely breathtaking.
This month Keyboard University is going to Boise, Idaho and attendance is outstanding. I’ll have pictures taken and next month we will be in Atlanta, Georgia and Columbia, South Carolina.
Last month we featured my great friend Paul Shaub and included two wonderful video segments. The response was not only wonderful, it was immense. By popular demand I have included another comedy segment with Paul and myself and wish you much joy and laughter.
Paul and I will be performing together in October and will premier some absolutely hysterical new routines. Once I have more details I’ll let everyone know.
This month the mini lesson showcases two songs that make a beautiful mini medley- When You Wish Upon A Star and Over The Rainbow. Click here for the lessons
There are lots of wonderful musical surprises that I’m hoping to include on my monthly newsletters but to make this happen I need to increase the monthly viewing of my website. Please tell all your musical hobby friends to check out my website each and every month. Once I have the number of views a month (they call it hits) I will be able to truly expand the monthly lessons. Thank you so much for your help.
My Best Wishes Always,



Basically in all of life to be successful we have to know what to do, be able to do it easily and most importantly know how to apply it correctly with ease. That philosophy is a major part of Keyboard University. Consequently, all of the music lesson sheets you  receive has been written in a very easy way to understand and apply.

Along with the written information, you will receive the music that showcases your new   musical knowledge.  As a bonus, you will also receive two songs utilizing that knowledge and  a listing of several additional songs for you to apply that knowledge too.

Everything you need will be at your fingertips to learn and apply your new skills.

This information is perfect for all levels of learning from beginners to advanced. What I have learned is that most of what professional musicians do that sounds so great is actually very easy to do.  However, very little of that special knowledge is in print. It is handed down from one professional to another.  I will be sharing a lot of that priceless styling knowledge with you..

Depending on the Lowrey model you own,  you will  receive a CD, floppy disk, or  USB with all your musical examples recorded,. Now on your musical display screen, you can see as well as hear your new knowledge and play along if you so desire. This guarantees you will have the best sounds and styles with your Lowrey instrument.

Everyone learns at their own speed.  So instead of waiting every month for a new lesson I’ll send you three lessons at the same time.

There will be many extras available to you with a strong enrollment such as – great discounts on all USBs and DVD’s as well as customized arrangements