Welcome everybody,

2019 will be an exciting year on my website. There will be many musical surprises for everyone, plus there will be many other fun and thrilling surprises and you don’t want to miss each visiting every month. This will be a fabulous banner year. All of this starts on January 15th.
All of the above is the good news. The sad news is on January 3rd the music industry lost one of the the most talented and respected musicians and Lowrey representatives Mr. Bob Ashworth.
I’ve known Bob for over 40 years. He was an icon in the organ industry. He was unbelievably talented and shared his talent with such enthusiasm and a loving heart. Not only did Bob play the organ magnificently he was truly a gifted pianist. In his younger years he accompanied such stars as Bette Midler and Mel Torme. Bob eventually opened his own music store and was tremendously successful. So successful that all keyboard dealers wanted to know his secrets of success. Keyboard manufacturers wanted Bob to represent them and assist their dealers in all areas of retail. Lowrey and Bob were a perfect match. It was at this time that we became great friends and working associates. Bob had impeccable integrity and loved music and all music hobbyists.
I will be researching and putting some of Bob‘s solo performances on my website so you can share and enjoy his talents.
Bob has an equally talented brother, Mark Ashworth. At a Lowrey Home Organ Holiday Spectacular Bob played with his brother’s band and a portion of that performance will be posted soon…
There will be more of Bob Ashworth.
God Bless Bob Ashworth.