Welcome everyone!!

March is now here and I like the saying “A March of Progress.” During this challenging pandemic having music in our lives is a true blessing. The music alone triggers some of the great memories of our lifetime. The playing and creating of music is always a rejuvenating experience. It helps maintain all our coordination skills and our minds remain sharp as we read our music and choose our sound registrations.

I have received so many emails and letters of how much enjoyment and positive enthusiasm that playing their instrument every day has given them. The very same holds true to me. Every time that I play at home my mind sees thousands of people that I have met at my in-store and concert appearances. I wish to thank you for all the wonderful blessings you have given me.

This month I am starting a mailing campaign to all the Lowrey L.I.F.E. members inviting them to visit during participate in my websites,

Dennisawe.com and Dennisaweskeyboarduniversity.com.

If you are visiting this site for the first time each month we have a song or songs of the month. They are in an easy play notation arranged for a very professional sounding arrangement. There are music memories and articles that are fun to read.

For everyone who would like to have an unbelievably easy and great musical learning experience that’s what Dennisaweskeyboarduniversity is all about. Every two weeks on the Internet there is a very special music lesson especially created for organ hobbyists of all playing levels.

Not only do you have fabulous arrangements you have them in easy, intermediate and advanced levels. You’ll be shown and be able to learn very easily the styling secrets of the greatest professionals. It truly is amazing and almost everything that is shown and explained to you is not available in all the standard organ playing courses. Click here if you want more information!

The month of March celebrates Saint Patrick’s day and we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a special arrangement of the most loved Irish Waltzes. An orchestral accompaniment style is suggested along with the tempo. I truly hope you enjoy the special arrangement. If anyone has questions don’t hesitate to send me an email. I wish everybody great health and enjoyment from their musical hobbying.

Sincerely, Dennis