Greetings everyone! I hope you had wonderful Happy and Healthy Easter.

I am really looking forward to a couple months from now when everybody has had their vaccine shots and I can get to see you when I visit some of the Lowrey dealers. Like you I’ve been playing the organ every day and what a blessing music really is!

There’s nothing really new except I got my first vaccine shot plus I still am professionally recording more Keyboard University lessons. I really love sharing how easy it is to truly sound fabulous!

If you are new to this web site You should also check out my other web site  and view a few of the videos and see if Keyboard University would be perfect for you!

Our song this month is “April Showers”. It’s at an intermediate level and it has several really nice additional chord enhancements.

The tempo I would play that song would be 92. For an orchestral background try Strings 101 or an easy 4/4 style.

This month’s ‘Moments To Remember’ from my 66 years of performing goes back to the 1970’s when Shopping Malls were the new exciting places to shop. Malls with over 100 stores were popping up and each had a fantastic grand opening celebration. Stars of Hollywood, Broadway and Television would perform and then visit the major department stores and you could meet them! One of the largest Mall developers was the Simon Brothers. Lowrey was one of the key mall stores plus Lowrey was always a major part of the grand opening promotions.

Ed McMahon was the Master Of Ceremonies and I was his sidekick 95% of the time.



At several of the events, Mary Ann Mobley (a former Miss America ) was one of the star personalities and was a

fabulous meet and greeter at the opening mall show event. That’s how we met. She heard me play and was amazed at the sound that the Lowrey had. Many times Mary Ann would appear in my concert when I played “A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody” followed with the Miss America theme song.

Clayton Moore – The Lone Ranger appeared at many mall openings and I would play the Lone Ranger theme song “The William Tell Overture”.

The Claytons had a Lowrey in their home and both played it. Many times I arranged for Clayton to appear for pictures and autographs at the mall store.

More next month!

All my best!