Welcome everyone,
I want to thank each and everyone who took the time to write such wonderful thoughts, memories, thanks,phone calls and prayers for Seth Rye and his family. God Bless you all.

Next Month is request month. For all those that send in a request for either a song style, a special custom registration or a specific learning topic, I will pick 3 and they will be for July along with a special patriotic arrangement celebrating July 4th. PLUS a Huge Discount Sale on custom Mega USBs for every Lowrey made with a USB feature PLUS a BRAND NEW Registration USB with over 200 ALL NEW custom presets with over 1000 ALL New custom edited sounds !!!!!!! Utilizing a program that transforms these registrations to be perfect for all Lowrey Models !!!!! DON’TMISS NEXT MONTH !!!!!!!!!

The lesson song this month is Alexander’s Ragtime Band. Click here to go to FREE mini lesson.

When Seth and I were talking the last time together we were talking about a victory over cancer tour. We thought that Alexander’s Ragtime Band would be a great opener, it’s happy and everybody knows it and it’s just as perfect for duet as a solo.I hope you really enjoy it.

See you next month!

Best Wishes Always!