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I hope you are enjoying your summer and making music every day. Last week I had a great two days in Boise, Idaho with a two day music education seminar. At the conclusion there was a Friends playing for Friends event and I was every impressed with all the players. I remembered some chord pattern fills that can either create an ending or really enhance connecting two sections of music together and that’s what this months mini lesson is. You are going to learn what are called music “Turnarounds”. They are easy to learn and sound so professional. You will have some of the most popular “turnarounds” used by professional recording musicians.
Lots of great letters and comments from those that purchased the Theatre Organ Mega Library. Everyone will love these custom Theatre Organ sounds. The wonderful news is they play perfectly with all styles and sound so impressive! Click here for more information.
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This is the story behind all these fabulous Theatre Organ Sounds.

During the late 1950s, I went on several coast to coast tours playing some of the most amazing theatre pipe organs in America.


At that time we still had most of the greatest of the great theatre organs still in the original theater they were designed for.


Unfortunately now almost all of them are gone forever.


Most of my concerts were professional recorded along with the unique custom settings of the presets. Those tapes were kept in an air-conditioned environment and in 2014 I had the best of the best digitally re-recorded. In 2015, I started reviewing all the sounds to be placed on one USB for all Lowrey USB top of the line models. I am proud to say that all those fabulous presets have captured and preserved those very precious sounds that for the first time are now available for all Lowrey top of the line organs!

If you love the magnificent voicing and sounds of the mighty theater pipe organs you can now have a never before offered library of sounds that truly capture the unbelievable sounds of America’s greatest and most impressive theater organs in your home on a Lowrey Organ! This was, for me, a project of love. The theatre pipe organ sounds are a major part of America’s musical history.

Every preset is named. You will see every preset named in your musical display screen. Every preset is perfectly balanced. Every preset has multiple custom edited sounds. Every preset can be combined with your favorite orchestral style.

If you remember and enjoy the sound of America’s greatest theater pipe organs this library is absolutely perfect for you. The retail price as of September 1, 2018 will be $199.00, For my Internet family now through August 31, 2018 your cost including priority shipping and tax will be just $119.00. All the sounds that are on this USB are as follows.  ORDER HERE

Bonus – for everyone who owns a Prestige, Imperial, Patriot, Sterling or Liberty, if you trade up to a Lowrey Marquee, Grand Marquee, Aria or Aria Pro your USB will work perfectly!Absolutely no obsolescence!


My best wishes always and you will love next month’s music and chord styling. Dennis.