Our mini lesson this week features 4 well known songs, Peg O' My Heart, Honey, Hi- Lilly- Hi-Low and You Were Meant For Me.

The first song is "Peg O' My Heart" which became a world- wide hit with the Harmonicats version. Lowrey has their styling and if you want to sound almost like their hit recording just go to your Song Set Up feature and select" Peg O' My Heart". Play the song as written. Use the automatic introduction and ending.

Our second song is "Honey". "Honey" is a great lilting ballad as well as a fun sing along. A perfect party song. Your arrangement features "echo fills". The "echo fills" can be played on the lower keyboard or the upper keyboard. If you play these fills on the upper keyboard play them one octave higher than written.

Our third song "Hi- Lilly Hi-Low" is a nice melodic waltz. Play this song smoothly. Try using your Big Band preset 1. Once again play the melody one octave higher than written. Guitars in 3/4 is a great orchestral background. If you want the Hollywood movie style version use you 101 Strings in 3/4.

Our last song is "You Were Meant For Me", This song can be played as a dance ballad or as a CHA - CHA . First learn the song so you can play it with ease. A great background is Smooth Foxtrot with the Alter Style. Another is the Spots Of Ink.
To change this song into a CHA -CHA first select the CHA-CHA orchestral style. Next notice all the whole notes and the tied notes. When playing as a CHA -CHA play the whole notes or tied notes for just one beat. Play the melody staccato in this style except the last note. To create a strong CHA -CHA style slightly increase the overall volume when you are not playing the melody and you will hear the orchestral background nice and strong.

All My Best Wishes,
P.S. Tell all your music friends about the May HOH.

  All My Best,  Dennis