A Tribute to Mr. Seth Rye

This page is dedicated to the legacy of one America’s greatest contributors to the music keyboard industry, Seth Rye. On this page you will have the option to see and hear several wonderful and memorable video and CD performances of Seth.

Seth Rye was my friend for over 40 years. Without question he was one of the nicest persons you could meet. He was always considerate, gracious, thoughtful and kind to everyone in his presence. Seth truly loved his family and was so proud of each one. When we would be traveling together Seth would always show me his latest family pictures and would light up with such pride. With all his being he was truly thankful for God’s gifts to him, his family and friends.

The Seth Rye performer had it all. Not only was he a fabulous musician he had the personality and pizzazz that touched everyone’s heart in the audience. He made them laugh and entertained them, not only with his music but with his outgoing love for his fellow man. His recordings and DVDs are a treasure

See and rejoice in the music and presence of our dear friend. Seth Rye.