Welcome everyone, This month my website is dedicated to the memory of one of my dearest friends and one of America’s finest organists and keyboard entertainers Mr. Seth Rye .

I first met Seth Rye when he audition to be a Lowrey concert organist. He was young of age but was an accomplished and dynamic musician. His personality was ablaze with enthusiasm and excitement. On weekends he worked demonstrating Lowrey organs at his local Lowrey store.
It wasn’t very long when Seth became Lowrey’s youngest concert artist. That was the beginning of a life long friendship for the both of us.
Within a short time we became a duo act and traveled throughout America and overseas too. We became spiritual brothers. We both had different styles of playing but they merged perfectly in our duo concerts.
Seth was always looking for new adventures and challenges. Every day was a special day and for all those around Seth he made it a special for them too.
One Saturday many years ago, Seth and his family and mine went to Disney World. That evening we saw Disney’s Electric Light Parade. The soundtrack was recorded on a synthesizer. There were 16 tracks of music playing at the same time to create all those wonderful sounds. At the end of the parade southside I can think I can do all that music live in one pass. I said if anybody could do that you could. We went to the Disney store and I bought a record of the soundtrack. I gave it to Seth. About three months later Seth came to my home and he played the entire Electric Light Parade arrangement note for note all in one performance. Nothing short of a miracle. I arranged for Seth to play his arrangement for the Disney musical group. They two were blown away. Seth then recorded The Electric Light Parade and his album sold over three million copies!
All of us who knew or heard Seth will truly miss him but his music will live in our hearts all our days.
Our music this month showcases two of Seth’s musical arrangements. I hope you truly enjoy them and remember Seth and his family in your prayers.